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Allister highlights concerns regarding Iran

11 February 2005

DUP Member of the European Parliament, Jim Allister QC, has expressed his deep concerns regarding the human rights and nuclear weapons record of the Iranian regime. He made his comments after members of the European Parliament were lobbied by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, leader of the National Council of Resistance of Iran. Jim believes that following on the back of the successful election in Iraq, it is unacceptable that the European Union should continue to turn a blind eye to these issues in neighbouring Iran.


Jim Allister said,Iran is a dictatorial theocracy, in which freedom of speech and human rights are trampled over on a daily basis. With its advanced nuclear programme, it poses a danger to the peace and well-being of the world, and yet, only last year, the British, French and German governments negotiated a treaty with the Mullah’s that allows the continuance of “non-threatening” nuclear research. This is utmost folly.


Mrs. Rajavi’s comments to the European Parliamentarians, and, the way in which the Tehran regime attempted to prevent her visit from taking place demonstrate that the Iranian government feels itself to be under threat. With Iraq hopefully on the way to becoming the second functioning democracy in the Middle East alongside the state of Israel, it is clear that the winds of change are blowing across the region. Instead of facilitating the crazed designs of Islamic fundamentalists to get their hands on nuclear weapons, the European Union should be adopting a tougher stance with Tehran. All weapons and nuclear energy exports to Iran from the European Union should be stopped forthwith. Economic sanctions and diplomatic embargoes need also to be given consideration until political reforms are initiated in the country”.

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