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Allister Makes Formal Complaint to Assembly Commissioner for Standards on Gerry Kelly

24 June 2013

Below is the text of a letter TUV leader Jim Allister MLA has this morning sent to the Northern Ireland Assembly Commissioner for Standards following the conduct of Gerry Kelly on Friday. Mr Allister is also raising the issues with the PSNI.

Dear Mr Bain,

I write to make a formal complaint against Gerry Kelly MLA following his conduct on Friday 21st June at the Tour of the North Parade.

Mr Kelly can be clearly seen both in still photographs and in a video posted online by Sinn Fein obstructing police officers in the course of their duty. The video can be viewed here

I have also enclosed copies of still photographs.

The Code of Conduct clearly states:
Public Duty
Members have a duty to uphold the law and to act on all occasions in accordance with the public trust placed in them.

The Code also states:
Members should promote and support these principles by leadership and example in order to establish and maintain the trust and confidence of the people of Northern Ireland, and to ensure the integrity of the Assembly and its Members in conducting business.

Finally the code states:
Promoting Good Relations
Members will act in a way that is conducive to promoting good relations
by providing a positive example for the wider community to follow by acting justly and promoting a culture of respect for the law.

It is patently obvious that Mr Kelly obstructed a police officer in the course of his duty and has therefore breached the Code. Mr Kelly’s “leadership and example” falls well short of the expectations of the Code and certainly did not provide a positive example for the wider community.

Accordingly, I ask you investigate.

Yours sincerely,

James H Allister QC MLA

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