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So what's the DUP strategy?

28 November 2007

Responding to an attack from Sammy Wilson MP, Jim Allister MEP questioned just where the DUP strategy was leading Ulster.

Statement by Jim Allister:

"Sammy Wilson claims that those opposed to the current administration have “no strategy as to how they would enhance Northern Ireland’s role within the United Kingdom”.

One wonders what the DUP strategy is. Is Northern Ireland’s position in the United Kingdom enhanced by having unrepentant terrorists in the government of a state they don't accept - and whose name they will not even speak - while the IRA Army Council remains active and the South Armagh Brigade are still dishing out their own unique brand of justice?

Is Northern Ireland’s position in the UK safer with Sinn Fein/IRA ministers announcing all-Ireland policies on an almost daily basis? Take, for example, the Education Minister’s announcement that she intends to scrap legislation which ensures for children living in Northern Ireland priority over those from the Republic when enrolling in Northern Ireland's schools – using British taxpayer’s money to fund the education of the Republic’s children.

Or what about Connor Murphy’s announcement that illegal monuments to terrorists are to be allowed to remain on road service property?

Or Michelle Gildernew’s constant all-island refrain of the importance of “fortress Ireland”?

Or, even better, Peter Robinson telling a function in Dublin last week that Northern Ireland can benefit economically from closer ties with the Republic?

The DUP can repeat meaningless sound bites all they like but the fact remains that a large and growing number of Unionists have got wise to the meaningless rhetoric of Mr Wilson and his party colleges. It is the DUP, by abandoning the ground of traditional unionism, which has disenfranchised these voters, by providing them a voice we strengthen, not weaken unionism. 

As for the DUP facing up to the full ramifications of the Quinn murder, I see not sign of it as the leadership prepare for a jamboree in America with IRA/Sinn Fein."

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