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Allister exposes Sinn Fein's secret ally

28 April 2004

Democratic Unionist Party European election candidate, Jim Allister QC, has urged unionists in the east of Northern Ireland to follow the example of those in the west and turn out in large numbers on June 10th.


Speaking whilst campaigning in the Upper Bann constituency, where he assisted local DUP Assembly Members David Simpson and Stephen Moutray to open a new constituency office in Banbridge, Jim Allister said, “In its quest to top the poll, Sinn Fein/IRA is relying not only on its secret army but on a secret ally in much of the east of the Province. Unionist apathy is a key component in the Sinn Fein strategy.  Unionist voters who stay at home aid Sinn Fein.  A failure by unionists to vote in the east is as good to Sinn Fein as their own voters coming out in the west. 


We saw from Tuesday evening’s events in Belfast City Council what happens when unionists stay at home.  Parties, like Sinn Fein, preach inclusiveness whenever they are in the minority, practice domination when in the majority.  Far from being the five minute wonder that Jim Nicholson foolishly claims it would be, a Sinn Fein first preference victory next Thursday, gifted to them by unionist apathy, would give republicans a worldwide propaganda coup and mark a significant step in their own 2016 United Ireland strategy.


I, therefore, urge Unionists not to play the Sinn Fein game but get out and keep unionism ahead by giving me their number one vote.  Let’s together put Sinn Fein/IRA in its place”.

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