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Allister calls on Nicholson to initiate action against Sinn Fein

22 February 2005

Following the UK Government's withdrawal of allowance from Sinn Fein MP's, DUP MEP, Jim Allister, has called for parallel action in the European Parliament.  Since Jim Nicholson is Chairman of the Quaestors, who oversee European Parliament Members' allowances, Jim Allister has written to the UUP member in the following terms:


"Having regard to the role of the Quaestors in the oversight of members' allowances and in the light of the IMC Report and the action announced today in the House of Commons in respect of Sinn Fein members' allowances there, I write to request that the Quaestors should forthwith consider parallel action in respect of the two Sinn Fein members of this House. 


It would surely be wholly incongruous and wrong that if Sinn Fein are to be rightly punished in the UK Parliament they should escape such equality of treatment in the European Parliament.


I therefore look forward to hearing from you at an early stage on this matter."

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