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Voluntary modulation announcement 'excessively high'

23 March 2007

Statement by Jim Allister MEP:

"This afternoon's announcement of 7% voluntary modulation, rising to 10% in 4 years is excessively high.  The jump from 4.5% this year to 7% is punitive. Indeed, I suspect, the Minister, like his boss, is playing politics with modulation, trying to maximise the negatives of direct rule in an effort to induce devolution. If so, this is shameful playing of politics with farmers' livelihoods.

Voluntary modulation is itself an objectionable tax on farmers' resources and a means of diminish government funding of necessary rural development. Out of all the EU states the UK is the only one to insist on this form of taxation, though Portugal may follow. All other Member States have righted spurned this option."

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