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MEP's slams Sinn Fein's attack on police arrests

13 March 2007

In the European Parliament in Strasbourg, during an adjournment debate Fianna Fail MEP, Eoin Ryan, called on the DUP to get into government with Sinn Fein on 26 March.

Speaking in the same debate Jim Allister responded and spoke in particular of Sinn Fein's attack on the arrest and charging of 2 men with attempted murder as an illustration of how far Sinn Fein still has to travel. In the course of his remarks Mr Allister said:-

"Mr Ryan reminded us today we were to remember the innocent victims of terrorism: well might we and well might I, because in my country, Northern Ireland, we have had over 3000 innocent victims of terrorism, most of them as a result of the IRA.

Mr Ryan then went on in the next breath to urge my Party to embrace in government the party of the IRA, Sinn Fein. My Party had a magnificent election result, based on the premise that Sinn Fein had to deliver what any other democratic party would deliver. What party in the world would think itself fit for government and yet not support the police of the community of whose government they want to be part? This weekend we had an outrageous illustration from Sinn Fein, attacking the arrest and charging of two men with attempted murder, who attempted to murder a postman in cold blood.

Unless and until we get to the point where there is total and absolute support for the police - and that is only one issue - then we are some distance from Sinn Fein being thought fit for government."

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