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EU massive drain on UK resources - Allister

23 June 2006

Commenting on official figures, recently published by the UK Treasury in Cm 6770, on how much the UK contributes to the coffers of the EU, DUP MEP Jim Allister has described the annual net cost of 4 Billion GBP as a massive drain on the nation's financial resources.

Publishing the figures on his website at in an article on "How the EU is Funded", Mr Allister shows that even after the British rebate is taken into account the EU is scheduled to cost the UK 4,298,000,000.00 in 2006.  "Considering that the net cost has been of this order every year, it is staggering just how much of our national resources we have poured into the black hole of Europe. And for what?, asked Mr Allister. "Think of the real infrastructural change this vast volume of money could have made if spent internally on the real needs of the UK since 1973." 

"Some people foolishly say, "But don't we get it back through generous EU funding?", well, here's the answer in black and white.  In 2005 we paid in 12,567 Million, but got back only 5,188 Million in public sector receipts.  Year on year it has been the same, and even the Rebate leaves us in reeling in deficit."

"Though there are now 25 Member States, the UK this year will contribute one eighth (12.4%) of the total budget revenue of 83 Billion required to fund the EU in 2006, while the Republic of Ireland will contribute a derisory 1.4%. Little wonder the tide of Euro-scepticism continues to rise.  At a time of acute pressure on our health service and vital education sector, it is appalling that we are wasting so much taxpayers' money on a failing political union.  With Blair having agreed to surrender the British Rebate by stages and as the real cost of Enlargement builds, the situation will only get worse", declared the DUP MEP.

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