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Allister welcomes double pledge from Hain

06 June 2006

Jim Allister, DUP MEP, today met Secretary of State Peter Hain in Brussels to discuss the share out of future EU structural funding within the UK.  6.2 Billion Euros is coming to the UK 2007-13.  Mr Allister has been campaigning for a greater than a population pro rata share for Northern Ireland on the basis that among the 12 regions of the UK Northern Ireland lags at the bottom of the economic performance list and the primary purpose of structural funding is to bring equality of competitiveness and economic performance to all regions.  In this regard he submitted detailed dossiers to the UK Government. (

Speaking after the meeting Mr Allister said:-

"This was a useful meeting.  Two positive things of benefit to Northern Ireland emerged:

1. The Secretary responded to my concerns about additionality of EU funding being the key to its effectiveness, with an absolute assurance that under the new Financial Framework 2007-13 all EU funds drawn down for Northern Ireland will be additional to Government expenditure and not used in substitution for national funding.  To date equivocation and "government grab" has blighted EU funding.  Thus, I welcome this commitment to true additionality.

2. Following the debacle and dereliction of duty last December, I pressed the Secretary of State that this December the Agriculture & Fisheries Minister will attend the quota-setting Council in Brussels and fight Northern Ireland's corner.  I am pleased that Mr Hain gave me an unequivocal undertaking that if a NIO Minister is still in charge he will be in Brussels to represent our fishermen.  This is how it should be.

I pressed upon the Secretary of State the strength of case which can be made on Northern Ireland's behalf to secure a substantial share of the Structural Fund share-out.  I await to see the outcome of his negotiations with Cabinet colleagues, trusting it will be positive, particularly now that additionality is assured"

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