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A recital of folly

21 March 2006

"EU legislation gets a bad name because it frequently excels in foolish overkill.  Such an example arises under Directive 2002/95/EC, which exists to curb disposal of hazardous waste, but needlessly includes within its ambit traditional but harmless organ pipes.  Simply because they are made of lead they are now taboo in Euroland.

The use of lead is essential in organ pipes and contributes to the unique sound of the pipe organ.  Organ pipes present no threat to the environment as their lifespan is measured in centuries and they are always recycled.  Yet, now, courtesy of Brussels and a foolishly compliant DTI in London, the building and refurbishment of organs is threatened.

Having received representations from the School of Music and Sonic Arts at Queen's University, Belfast, I have taken this matter up with both the Commission and DTI in an effort to secure a necessary derogation from the scope of the Directive for organ pipes."

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