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Allister leads lively debate on Constitution

21 March 2006

Jim Allister MEP caused some controversy at a meeting of the Constitutional Affairs Committee today in Brussels, when he told visiting representatives from the Social Partners (European Unions and Employers) that they had been brought "to tickle the Europhile ears of the Committee".

"This is a Committee", declared Mr Allister, "that rejoices in having its narrow view of a centralised Europe confirmed by hand-picked invitees".

The DUP MEP clashed in particular with the representative of the European TUC when, in support of pushing ahead with the Constitution, she said those who voted 'Yes' must be respected.  Mr Allister countered that the 'No' votes were just as valid and deserving of respect. Describing the contention that only the expressions which favoured the Constitution should prevail as "bigoted and blinkered", Mr Allister challenged why 'the period of reflection' was focussed only on how to reverse the rejection of the Constitution and not directed equally at affording those who had voted 'Yes', for example in Spain, the opportunity to reflect that they might be wrong. 

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