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Allister welcomes lifting of beef ban

08 March 2006

Jim Allister MEP has today welcomed the lifting of the beef ban on UK beef and live animal exports.  The MEP described the news as a "tremendous boost for the Northern Ireland farming community" and hopes that no further hurdles will be placed in the way before the beef ban is finally lifted.  Jim Allister commented,

I welcome the vote taken today for the lifting of the ban on UK beef and live animal exports.  We have had many false dawns on this issue over the last 10 years but I believe that we are now coming to the end of this long running saga.  Over the last year, the DUP have been lobbying both the European Commission and the UK Government on this issue.  I hope that the Northern Ireland beef industry can now get back unto a level playing field with all other regions within Europe.  

Prior to the beef ban being imposed on the Northern Ireland industry we were the leading region within Europe for producing beef and commanding prices for livestock that were higher than most other regions.  Although it will take time for the industry to recapture these markets I have confidence that our beef farmers and processing sector can once again be major players within the European beef market.

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