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Allister loses patience with Sinn Fein

01 March 2006

Extract from a speech to Queen’s University Democratic Unionist Association at lunchtime today, by DUP MEP Jim Allister:-

“As we meet, Sinn Fein is down crying to Bertie Ahern that they must be railroaded back into government at Stormont, come what May. It’s the same belligerent mentality that we saw on the streets of Dublin on Saturday.

Generically devolution is desirable, but not essential. In Belfast Agreement form it is patently unacceptable, inherently unstable and destructive of Unionist interests.  We saw that on the three execrable occasions when it was foisted upon us. Ministers running Departments as fiefdoms, shutting hospitals at will, abolishing the 11 plus in pique, and all in defiance of the elected Assembly.  Malevolent Direct Rule has nothing to teach Sinn Fein as to how to abuse ministerial office.

Little wonder that the DUP is resolute that we’re not taking Ulster back to such  misery. We do have a veto and we will use it! No, if there is to be devolution, then, it must be on a fresh and radically different basis, where the Assembly, not the Ard Fheis, has the final say on ministerial decisions.

If others aren’t interested in securing durable and workable devolution, then we as a Party should signal we’re moving on. Why mark time for the insatiable and irreformable Sinn Fein or an SDLP incapable of recognising opportunity? We can devote all our energy to better integrating Northern Ireland within the UK and with an uncertain government majority in place and maybe a hung Parliament again in prospect, opportunity beckons.”

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