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Allister replies to Nicholson's peurile attack

28 January 2006

I note that three weeks after my comments in a News Letter Platform Piece critical of his support for special dispensation for the Republicís fishermen, Jim Nicholson got cranked into action to attempt a reply.

Try as he did to divert attention from his gaffe, the fact remains that Mr Nicholson chose to demand ineffective penalties for our competitors in the Irish Sea, while Ulsterís fishermen run the risk of crippling fines and confiscations.  Then, he says Commissioner Borgís decision to bring forward legislation to end the disparity vindicates his position. Did he not listen to what Borg said?  This is what he said:-
ďthe Commission intends to propose a catalogue of sanctions to be imposed in cases of serious infringements, for adoption by the Council, as foreseen in Article 25(4) of Council Regulation (EC) No 2371/2002. The catalogue should help to increase the level of sanctions and contribute to the establishment of a more level playing field. This catalogue is scheduled to be presented by the Commission in the second half of 2007.Ē 

The Commission intends raising the level of sanctions and Jim Nicholson thinks thatís a victory for our fishermen.  Iím sure Ulsterís fishermen, when it happens, will note that Mr Nicholson wishes to take credit for it!

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