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Allister chides EU over Iraq

15 November 2005

DUP MEP Jim Allister, taking part in a debate on the future of Iraq in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, chided the EU for now wanting to pontificate on the future of Iraq while it stood back, when it mattered, and left the heavy lifting to others. 
In the course of his remarks, Mr Allister said, "Sadly, the anti-Americanism of some in Europe is so great that I sense some even take perverse satisfaction from the turmoil prevailing in Iraq.  These same people, of course, were those who were content to have allowed Saddam's tyranny to continue undisturbed.  Of course, it was wrong of Bush and Blair to rely on and peddle false information to justify the invasion of Iraq, but the removal of Saddam was right and necessary.

The situation as it is must now be faced.  The core issue is to ensure the triumph of order over terror, so that democratic stability might be established.  A heavy price is being paid and I would wish to acknowledge the sacrifice of the American, British and other troops seeking to bring order to this strife-torn land.  I regret that neither the Council nor the Commission in their statements saw fit to acknowledge this sacrifice.

It is typical of its grandstanding that the EU now wants to pontificate on the future of Iraq.  Really, it has little credible to contribute, for the EU as an organisation and most EU nations stood back, when it mattered and left the heavy lifting to others."

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