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Hain has a strategy to demoralise Unionists - Allister

01 November 2005

Extract from a speech by DUP MEP JIM ALLISTER to West Tyrone DUP in Newtownstewart on Friday 21 October 2005:

“Peter Hain among Unionists is fast becoming as distrusted and despised as Mo Mowlam, who was the last Secretary of State so overtly pro-nationalist.  In the end Unionists could not and would not work with her, Hain looks like he may be heading the same way.

Hain, given the baggage of his  troops-out history, had much to prove if ever he was to win the confidence of Unionists.  So far his score card is lamentably blank.  Indeed all the signs are that he finds it impossible to wean himself away from a nationalist agenda. 

Let’s consider some of his exploits:

  • The shameless and shameful release, at the behest of the IRA, of the Shankill Bomber, without Kelly even having to acknowledge British procedures by applying for release.  All done in haste as the price of an IRA statement of intent, with not a moment’s thought for the victims, and done in flagrant breach of the established rules and procedures.

  • His stomach-turning approbation in Washington of IRA leaders Adams and Maginness as “courageous and visionary” – that  tells you much of Hain’s own vision of our future.

  • He falls over himself to tear down Army Watchtowers, withdraw troops, destroy the RIR and bestow an arsenal of concessions on Sinn Fein on mere words about decommissioning.

  • He placates the IRA by falling into line with their chosen witnesses and thereby denies us transparent and visible decommissioning.

  • He even rejects the advice of the IMC and rushes headlong to restore Sinn Fein allowances once he gets any hint that the IRA is being less obvious in its activities.

  • His loathing of and vicious attack on the Orange Order and persistence in denying Orangeman their marching rights.

  • His loading of public bodies with anti-unionist placemen, particularly the appalling appointment of McWilliams as Chief Human Rights Commissioner.

  • Even when forced to climb down on re-appointing the Policing Board he hopes to do it with such slight of hand as to reduce the declared unionist composition.

These were all calculated and deliberate actions. We should, however, recognise that such an anti-unionist agenda is not without strategy.

I see at work at least two government purposes.  First, they hope that by heaping upon us increasingly unacceptable manifestations of Direct Rule they will soften us up to the point where we will meekly accept the failed Belfast Agreement structures as being better than “Green Direct Rule”.  We must not fall for that ploy.  Second, making Unionist politicians appear impotent in the face of unpalatable concessions spreads disillusionment, diminishes the unionist vote and thereby serves the Government’s purpose of facilitating the nationalist solution. Remember this Government is pledged to legislate for a unified Ireland if only the majority would acquiesce.  Demoralising Unionism is a key factor in their strategy.  It behoves us all to redouble our determination not to play their game.”


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