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DUP Leader in Dublin to pay homage to Belfast Agreement

27 April 2012


Statement by TUV Leader Jim Allister:-

“14 years on from presenting itself as its most vociferous opponent, the DUP will today attend the Dublin conference to eulogise the Belfast Agreement. Any conscience-salving pretence that St Andrews significantly changed it is self-serving political humbug.

“The inescapable truth is that the nefarious Belfast Agreement is being implemented, in all elements, by those who gained power by vilifying its architects. Its key components of Joint First Ministers, North/South executive bodies and undemocratic mandatory coalition all prevail. Its architecture and trajectory are unaltered. The only thing which has changed is the DUP!

“TUV will continue to oppose and expose the dysfunctional and failed political product of the Belfast Agreement. It has not brought us good government, rather the ‘them and us’ politics of mutual veto and an Assembly which is a laughing stock because of its resulting lack of business. It has delivered terrorists to the heart of government and murderers feted with early release while their victims have become an embarrassment to the new political order.

“There is nothing to celebrate at the Dublin conference unless the perversion of justice and democracy is your stock and trade.”

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