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TUV keeps pressure on McGuinness

26 April 2012

On foot of this week's revelations at the Smithwick Tribunal about the deputy First Minister, TUV Leader Jim Allister is keeping the focus on the issue by today tabling an Assembly motion at Stormont and a Priority Written Question to OFMDFM, as follows:-

"This Assembly, concerned by recent evidence to the Smithwick Tribunal, calls on the deputy First Minister to truthfully explain his full role in the IRA."


"To ask OFMDFM in light of recent evidence to the Smithwick Tribunal what steps will be taken to require ministers to truthfully explain their terrorist involvement."


Commenting Jim Allister said:

"I would call on other unionist MLAs, who profess concern about this week's developments, to add their names to this motion. It's time there was a concerted effort to flush out McGuinness. He has been let off the hook for far too long. If this was anywhere else in the world the local parliament would be talking about little else, but in Stormont the cozy consensus with terrorists means it's truth that gets the elbow.


"On past performance, I suspect Sinn Fein/DUP control of the Business Committee will bury this motion and ensure it is never debated, but by tabling it the challenge is to prove me wrong."

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