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Joint FM Enjoys Protected Stormont Status Despite Being Named at Smithwick Tribunal

25 April 2012

Statement by TUV Leader Jim Allister:-
"In any normal democracy evidence from a judicial tribunal that the deputy First Minister had authorised two infamous cross-border murders, would provoke immediate debate in the local legislature and demands for removal from office of such a person.
"Yet, today though McGuinness was named at the Smithwick Tribunal as having authorised the murder plot in which senior police officers Breen and Buchanan died, Stormont slumbers on immune from the obvious implications. Those who installed the Provo commander in office sit in embarrassed silence when I attempt to raise the issue and the Provo Deputy Speaker rules it out of order.
"This is most serious evidence, namely that McGuinness as OC Northern Command - at a time when he would pretend he had left the IRA - personally authorised the Breen and Buchanan murders. Instead of him now being arrested and questioned, as he ought to be, his protected status prevails, because the so called process is now more important than truth or justice."
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