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More weasel words from IRA/Sinn Fein

09 April 2012

Statement by TUV Leader Jim Allister:-
"The weasel words from IRA/Sinn Fein over the Easter weekend will fool no one but the gullible and those whose political stance requires them to be impressed by such empty rhetoric.
"It is clear that when Sinn Fein talks about 'reconciliation' they mean nothing less than their age old bloodstained ambition of the unification of Ireland, something already democratically rejected by the greater number of people in Northern Ireland.
"Professing regret for the hurt but not that which caused the hurt, namely the bloodthirsty IRA murder campaign, means nothing. Far from saying sorry for their reign of terror, IRA/Sinn Fein still justifies both its inception and execution. I hear and see no remorse for the 1800 murders and thousands of wrecked lives. On the contrary, from the Joint First Minister down, all such murder and mayhem is not only justified but glorified."
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