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Allister Responds to McBride's Comments on HET

04 April 2012

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“The comments of Patricia McBride on the HET will be nauseating to many innocent victims across Northern Ireland.

“It ill-becomes anyone who lauded an IRA man killed while planning to ambush security forces to lecture others on what is “morally wrong”.

“Countless innocent victims of Republican violence across Northern Ireland have been left disappointed and frustrated by HET investigations. Time and again I have heard victims of the IRA say that they believe those behind the attacks are being shielded because exposing the truth would destabilise Stormont.

“I have yet to hear Patricia McBride call for Martin McGuinness to come forward to the HET and tell them what he knows about incidents like the bombing of Enniskillen. Indeed, the silence of the entire DUP/SF appointed commission when it comes to investigations into IRA violence is deafening. Where was the statement from a victims’ commissioner when the HET report into La Mon was published last February?

“McBride’s comments will be regarded by many as those of the Sinn Fein/IRA representative on the commission standing up for her comrades. It was a disgrace that the DUP ever allowed her to occupy such a position.”

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