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McGuinness Comments on Enniskillen Cut No Ice

29 September 2011

Statement by TUV leader and North Antrim MLA Jim Allister:

“When one listens to McGuinness’s interview from last night it is obvious that he only said he was ashamed about incidents like the Enniskillen bombing after he had come under pressure from the interviewer. His were not the comments of someone repentant of his involvement in and repeated  defence of IRA terrorism but rather those of someone looking for an answer which would be most popular with the electorate.

“Let’s remember that no later than 2008 a BBC documentary on the Enniskillen Bomb presented by Peter Taylor revealed that McGuinness had knowledge and approval of the massacre. At the time I called for McGuinness to be questioned by the PSNI about conspiracy to murder.

“If McGuinness is really ashamed of the Enniskillen massacre he should reveal all he knows about the bombing .

“The comments of some Unionists like Arleen Foster about this interview are most strange. Why would the DUP demand that McGuinness tell the truth about Enniskillen in the course of his campaign to be President of the Republic when he doesn’t have to tell the truth to be co-First Minister in Northern Ireland?”

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