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Allister notes how McGuinness tamed the DUP lion

22 September 2011

Speaking (Wed 21st Sept) to the monthly meeting of Ballymena TUV Jim Allister MLA addressed the political implications of Martin McGuinness foreign foray to seek the presidency of ‘a part of Ireland’.

"Expressing the view that McGuinness was not fit for office in any democratic state, he said one of the most striking facts of the last few days was the defence used by McGuinness as to why he wouldn’t answer as to his past. “McGuinness took refuge in the fact that as the DUP worked with him without difficulty, despite his past, everyone should and could accept him.  What an indictment of Ian Paisley and Peter Robinson. By their folly, as I warned, they sanitised the IRA Commander to the point where he can use their foolishness to advance the latest IRA/Sinn Fein project. How Sinn Fein must laugh at how they tamed and now use the DUP lion.

“All of which leaves politicians like Gregory Campbell looking very foolish and hypocritical when they challenge McGuinness about his bloody past, but every day keep him in office in Stormont. McGuinness is not fit for office anywhere. I trust the people of the Republic will have more wit than the unionist politicians who ushered him into the highest office in the land in Northern Ireland."

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