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Allister Disappointed at Wilson's Disinterest in Protestant Employment in SEUPB

12 September 2011

Commenting the response of DFP Minister Sammy Wilson to probing on the issue of Protestants employed within the Special EU Programme Body TUV leader Jim Allister said:

“The SEUP has a central role in the oversight and administration of European funding and there is a widespread and justified belief within the Protestant/Unionist community that Republicans get more than their fair share.

“I am deeply disappointed by the DFP Minister Sammy Wilson’s disinterest in the gross under-representation of Protestants inside the workforce of SEUPB. Sammy Wilson claimed to have been surprised that I would raise the issue and even implied that my concern on the subject was somehow at odds with my stand in the past.

“Nothing could be further from the truth. I have repeatedly raised the issue both during my time as a DUP MEP and since.  Public statements make this clear. Furthermore, I will unashamedly continue to campaign for a more balanced SEUPB workforce.

 “It is in my view appalling that the DFP Minister is indifferent to the fact that only two out of every seven SEUPB staff are Protestant.

“If Minister Wilson believes that we should not be concerned about the religious breakdown of workforces he will doubtless be having a quiet word with Gregory Campbell and asking him to reflect upon several of his campaigns on the issue!”

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