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The expensive folly of pandering to Sinn Fein on ministerial drivers

01 September 2011

Statement by TUV Leader Jim Allister:-


"Confirmation, through FOI by the News Letter, that the sop to Sinn Fein to have their own henchmen as ministerial drivers is costing the public dear, because of their higher accident record, is but another reason why this nonsense should be stopped.


"If they want their own drivers then let them provide their own cars from Sinn Fein funds and, then, how many times they crash will not affect the public purse.


"An interesting follow up question is whether any prosecutions have resulted from accidents which were the fault of McGuinness’ driver? Or is he a getaway driver in the sense of not facing the consequences most errant drivers face? Also, how much was paid out in damages to innocent third parties?


"Instead of insisting on ministers only using civil service drivers, the DUP minister at DFP has let Sinn Fein off the hook by now allowing each department to decide their driving arrangements from funds provided by the taxpayer. This cop-out was confirmed to me in answer to Assembly Questions before the summer recess. "

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