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Allister Pricks Whatever Conscience Remains on Principal Deputy Speaker

28 June 2011

Below is the speech by Mr Allister before the vote to make Francie Molloy Principal Deputy Speaker:

“Some of the first business of this Assembly when it came back after the election was the first stage of the sordid deal between the DUP and Sinn Féin, which, today, reaches its climax. On this, the last day of this sitting, we will see elevated to the totally unnecessary and pointless position of Principal Deputy Speaker Mr Francie Molloy.

“We heard something of his CV from the proposer. We certainly did not hear it all. Other places have heard much more about the CV of Mr Molloy. Those on the DUP Benches, when they go to elections, pretend — yes, pretend — that they are returning to Stormont to resist the Sinn Féin agenda. I have been here only a few weeks, but, every day, I see, hand in glove, the co-operation between the DUP and Sinn Féin. When those Members troop through the Lobby to my right to vote for Mr Molloy, as they inevitably will as the Lobby fodder that they are for DUP/Sinn Féin rule, may the words of their colleague Mr David Simpson ring in their ears.

“I remind them what he said of Mr Molloy in the House of Commons when he implicated him in the murder of Eric Lutton. Yet today, people like David Simpson’s colleague Stephen Moutray, who once said that he would go back to his shop before he would support Sinn Féin in government, will troop through that Lobby to elevate the very man who David Simpson told him all about.

“Rev William McCrea addressed the House of Commons and told it that Francie Molloy should be arrested for war crimes against the people of the UK. May that salutary lesson ring in the ears of those who today troop through, and prick whatever conscience remains, as they do the bidding and show obeisance by taking whatever action it takes to keep Sinn Féin happy in this House.

“So, I say to each one of them: shame on you for the action you are about to take.”

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