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Allister calls for Assembly Debate on Kingsmill and other acts of IRA Genocide

23 June 2011

TUV leader Jim Allister has tabled a motion in the Assembly calling for a public inquiry into the IRA’s campaign of sectarian genocide.

Commenting Mr Allister said:

“For far too long selective inquires have allowed Republicans to effectively re-write the history of the Troubles. It is high time that a public inquiry was held to investigate the IRA’s campaign of sectarian genocide and Republicans were forced to face up to the reality of their actions.

“The public have been reminded of the dastardly nature of the Sinn Fein/IRA campaign by the publication of the Kingsmill report which found that the massacre was “purely sectarian” and an act of “calculated slaughter”.

“The continued failure of Sinn Fein/IRA to admit involvement in the incident is simply not credible – particularly given the fact that their director of elections, Brian Tumilty, is named in the HET report as having links to one of the guns used in the attack.

“Additionally, both the Kingsmill Report and the evidence currently being heard by the Smithwick Tribunal raise serious questions about the failure of authorities in the Republic of Ireland to pursue Republican terrorists and indeed alleged collusion.”

The text of Mr Allister’s motion tabled today reads:

This House notes the outcome of the Historical Enquiries Team report into the Kingsmills Massacre and, in particular, the finding that it was “purely sectarian” and “calculated slaughter” of 10 Protestants by the Provisional IRA; the continuing failure of Sinn Fein and the IRA to admit involvement, despite the multiple use of the same weaponry in successive IRA terrorist attacks; the failure to bring anyone to justice; the refuge taken by these mass murderers in the Republic of Ireland; and the sense of abandonment and injustice still experienced by the families of the victims. In consequence, this House calls for an adequate public inquiry into this IRA act of sectarian genocide.

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