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Paisley pines after the good old chuckle days

26 February 2010

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:
“Dr Paisley’s comments about the failures of Stormont are yet another thinly veiled attack on his successor come, as they do, hard on the heels of his rebuke of Peter Robinson’s talk of a “clever device”.
“What the former DUP leader ignores of course is that during his own time as co-First Minister alongside an IRA commander Stormont didn’t deliver either. Dr Paisley may have spent plenty of time laughing with Provo buddy McGuinness but in terms of delivery on issues which concerned people the Paisley/McGuinness double act was just as dismal a failure as the Robinson/McGuinness partnership.
“The simple truth is that a mandatory coalition headed by co-First Ministers and reliant on a toxic Sinn Fein veto can never work, regardless of the personalities involved.” back to list 

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