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Provo-style murder followed by Provo hypocrisy

25 February 2010

Statement by TUV Leader Jim Allister QC
"The savage Provo-style murder in Londonderry last night requires not just utter condemnation and full community co-operation in hunting down the murderers, but it reminds us all of the gross hypocrisy of Sinn Fein in comdemning this murder but still justifying and protecting the killers in identical murders down through the years. Crocodile tears from Sinn Fein leaders now are easy, but the real test for Sinn Fein is in facing up to the many outstanding similar murders by their IRA, including the recent allegations of top level Sinn Fein leadership involvement in the murder of Jean McConville and others.
"Moreover, if this is a so called 'dissident' murder then no one is better placed to help hunt down these killers and the bombers of Newry because the Provos know the identity of every terrorist they trained and those who have parted company from them. So, away with the condemnation of expediency and lets see some real compassion and help - which they undoubtedly can give."
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