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Sinn Fein seeks dividend from Newry bomb

23 February 2010



Statement by TUV Leader Jim Allister:-


“Already there has been much hypocrisy and political exploitation over the Newry bombing, with much more to come as the republican brotherhood seeks to use the bombing to cement the concessions won at Hillsborough. I have no doubt IRA/Sinn Fein could put the finger on these bombers, they trained them and know them and on the basis of past IMC findings some of their operatives probably helped them. Now, despite all the platitudes, they protect them, because they are of value in keeping the pressure on for political republican advance.


“And, of course, it was Sinn Fein which was at the forefront of demanding the removal of all anti-terrorist capability in South Armagh, including the removal of the watchtowers, making terrorist movements, aided by softly softly policing, all the easier. As illustrated by Keady and now Newry, South Armagh is in danger of being let slip back to being the terrorist open house it was in the IRA’s heyday.


“The Newry bombers are indescribably wicked, but they are not stupid. They have seen that, sadly, violence pays. They need look no further than their local MP and Minister, Murphy, himself a terrorist convicted of explosive offences, and Gerry Kelly the archetypal Courthouse bomber of Old Bailey infamy, who today sits at the DUP/Sinn Fein cabinet table ready to use his meddling veto on policing and justice. Evil as the Newry bombers are they are no more depraved than those who previously bombed Newry, including the murder of 9 RUC officers at the police station – something Murphy and Sinn Fein have yet to condemn. Today’s bombers draw succour from how Sinn Fein climbed their bloodstained pole to power and by violence secured ‘as of right’ places in the government of the British province they remain committed to destroy.


“Sinn Fein are past masters at turning republican violence to their political advantage and today they are in overdrive, aided by the compliant NIO and their partners in government, in urging republican empowerment through the urgent transfer of policing and justice. Feeding the insatiable terrorist tiger has never worked in the past and won’t work now.”


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