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Shame on Channel 4

22 February 2010

Statement by TUV Leader Jim Allister in response to Channel 4’s Adams promotion


“Last night’s Channel 4 promotion of terrorist godfather Adams through a programme, better described as sacrilegious than religious, was an appalling affront to both faithful adherents to the teachings of Jesus Christ and thousands of innocent victims of Adams’ IRA. At every opportunity Adams justified the IRA's terror campaign and pretended attachment to a moral code, whereas the IRA epitomises absolute evil and immorality.


“In a week when fresh allegations of controlling involvement in the fate of the disappeared were made against Adams, on top of the fact that he is mired in cover-up of alleged pedophilia, it is obscene that he should be sanitised by Channel 4 as someone worthy to pontificate on the teachings of Christ. The obscenity is compounded by the fact that he was paid thousands of pounds to perform. Shame on Channel 4.”


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