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TUV calls on PSNI to investigate fresh allegations against Adams

18 February 2010


TUV Vice Chairman Keith Harbinson has called on the PSNI to investigate claims by Old Bailey Bomber, Delores Price (as reported in today’s Irish News) that Gerry Adams was her Officer Commanding in the IRA when several of ‘the disappeared’ were murdered by the IRA.


In a statement Mr Harbinson said:-


“If, as they ought, the PSNI is interested in solving crime, even historic crime, then, I fail to understand how it can not now proceed to interview both Delores Price and Gerry Adams about the serious crimes referred to by Ms Price in today’s Irish News. The ‘confession’ by Ms Price that she accompanied individuals to their death and that as an IRA activist she was acting under the direct orders of Adams must not pass without vigorous investigation.


“No one should be above the law and these revelations will be a test if this is so.


“If Adams was her OC when she pursued her various terrorist activities, some of them along with Junior Minister Kelly, then Adams’ role and complicity must be thoroughly investigated.”

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