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Trotskyite tendancy of Sinn Fein

24 March 2004

DUP European election candidate, Jim Allister QC, has today said that the Sinn Fein sponsored visit of the European United Left group is an indication of the republicans “Trotskyite tendency”.


Jim Allister QC said, “Today’s Sinn Fein hosted visit by the European United Left group from the European Parliament is a clear indication of the likely alliance which will be established by Barbara de Brun if she is elected to the EP.


This group consists of communists and extreme socialists and it is an interesting insight into Sinn Fein intentions which demonstrates the Trotskyite tendency of Sinn Fein.  Often for home consumption Sinn Fein seeks to broaden its image, but when you examine their friends abroad, ranging from ETA to FARC, you get a better insight into their true nature.”

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