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Allister relishes election and renews challenge to Mrs Dodds to debate

28 April 2009

Speaking to Party workers in Belfast at the official start of the European Election, Traditional Unionist MEP Jim Allister regretted that the DUP was determined to split the Unionist vote, in circumstances where two sitting Unionist MEPs were defending their seats, but poured scorn on their pretence about stopping Sinn Fein.

In a statement Mr Allister said:-

“The truth is that the DUP is more exercised and motivated to see Jim Allister removed from Europe, rather than de Brun, the candidate of their partner in government. It is rank hypocrisy for those who put IRA/Sinn Fein to the top and heart of government to fake concern about their partner in this election. You can’t make arch-godfather McGuinness your buddy in government and then pretend concern about choirgirl de Brun!

In this election, in addition to defending my unparalleled record in Europe, I look forward to the support of democrats wishing to take the opportunity to vote against terrorists in government. I am the only candidate opposed to Sinn Fein rule and abhorring of the fact that 3 convicted terrorists sit in government. All other candidates support and endorse IRA/Sinn Fein rule.

I look forward to any opportunity to debate these issues with the other candidates and regret that to date, Mrs Dodds in particular, is running scared of debate and that it appears BBC and UTV are playing along by attempting to keep me out of the same studio as the debate-shy DUP candidate. They may run, but on 4th June they won’t be able to hide from the voters they deceived in the last election.”

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