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Allister warns against further 'greening' of the PSNI

21 April 2009

Statement by TUV Leader Jim Allister MEP:-

“With the intended devolving of policing and justice will come an all-Ireland approach as the subjects then fall under the remit of north/southery. In such a setting the appointment of a PSNI Chief Constable from the Garda would greatly advance the intended “greening” of policing. Hence the opportunities for Sinn Fein to push forward its agenda are obvious in the unfolding scenario. Those who set Chief Constable appointment criteria which disadvantage indigenous officers served Northern Ireland ill.

I make it clear that I oppose the devolving of any policing and justice function to an Assembly and Executive where IRA/Sinn Fein holds sway. I also make it plain that the appointment of a Chief Constable from the Garda – a force where there are still unanswered questions about collusion with the IRA – would be equally unacceptable.”

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