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"Government is all talk but no action" says Allister

18 February 2005

Speaking today, DUP MEP Jim Allister QC said, ďAs the noose tightens Sinn Feinís stance that the IRA didnít rob the bank becomes even more laughingly untenable. No doubt the fact that a key financial operative within Republican ranks and a Sinn Fein candidate are among those caught and arrested, will drive Sinn Fein into an even more preposterous position.


The real issues which matters, though, is how the British Government will respond. No-one expects anything but lies and deceit from Sinn Fein but a Government that poses as an international policeman across the world canít sit on its hands on this issue any longer.


It is 2 months since Adamsí cohorts robbed the Northern Bank and to date the British Governmentís response has been pathetic Ė all talk but no action. Just as there is now nowhere left for Sinn Fein to hide, so the Government must act decisively to ostracise and punish the Republican movement. The penalty must fit the crime with not just withdrawal of privileges but emphatic political action through acceptance of the reality that the inclusively of the Belfast agreement has spectacularly failed. Itís time to move on without Sinn Fein/IRA. The Governmentís promised House of Commons statement next week should signal such actionĒ.


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