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"EU Constitution rears its ugly head again" says Allister

25 March 2004

DUP European election candidate, Jim Allister QC, has this evening said that anyone who thought that the European Constitution was off the table is sorely mistaken.


Speaking at DUP dinner in Portrush, Jim Allister said, “Anyone who thought for one moment that we had saw the last of the proposed European Constitution when negotiations collapsed late last year, has been sorely mistaken.  The EU Constitution seems set to rear its ugly head again with Bertie Ahern believing that a deal acceptable to all Member States is achievable within the lifetime of the Irish presidency of the EU.


The Socialists victory in the Spanish election means that the Poles are now alone in their objection to the new system of voting rights proposed in the European Constitution.  It is unlikely that Poland, as of yet not a full member of the EU, are in a strong enough position to resist those in the Union who so ardently support the Constitution, including Tony Blair and the Labour administration.


I am vehemently opposed to the whole idea of a European Constitution.  The Constitution plans to amalgamate European defence and security to the detriment of our traditional alliances, weaken our control over our own borders, create a European President and undermine the position of Her Majesty The Queen and generally pave the way towards the creation of a United States of Europe.  No one who values the independence of the United Kingdom could possibly support the European Constitution.  If elected as a Member of the European Parliament, I will continue the Democratic Unionist Party’s resistance to this attempt to weaken the UK.


The European Constitution will undoubtedly be an issue in the upcoming European election.  Given the Blair Governments refusal to grant the British people the right to a referendum on this fundamental constitutional referendum, I urge everyone opposed to the stealth like progression towards a European super-state to reject the Constitution at the polls in June”.

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