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Allister speaks on internet danger

30 October 2008

Welcoming the publication of a report on the Safer Internet Programme TUV MEP Jim Allister said:

“While the internet is a wonderful tool it also creates moral, physical and social dangers for our young people. It is therefore right that this report focuses on what can be done to thwart abuse of the internet, particularly with regard to child pornography, online grooming and incitement to self-harm, one of the most chilling aspects of which is sites which actually encourage suicide.

“It is my hope that the Safer Internet programme will go some way to tackling these problems. For me there are three key issues. Firstly, improving the facility for effective police cooperation and I think that the European child pornography images database must be encouraged. Secondly, better traceability of the financial movements which are linked to child pornography, and thirdly, a properly advanced common kite safety mark, so that parents can know with confidence what is safe for their children to look at.”

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