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How long will this sham continue?

30 October 2008

Commenting on the failure of the Executive to meet yet again Jim Allister said:

“Belfast Agreement devolution has lost whatever credibility it ever had. As yet another week passes with no meeting of the Executive, a growing number of people are questioning just what Stormont is for. For months, pro-agreement Unionists have lauded the alleged advantages of devolution over direct rule claiming that nothing can now be decided without Unionist approval. The fact they have attempted to conceal is that nothing can be agreed without Republicans either! Thus Sinn Fein/IRA have, on the DUP’s watch, been able to bring government to a grinding halt.

“What of Peter Robinson’s threat of “serious consequences” if the Executive failed to meet in mid-September? It is time for all Unionist politicians to wake up to the reality that mandatory coalition has failed. This sham simply cannot continue”.

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