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Murphy’s comments show Belfast Agreement is political suicide

22 October 2008

The comments of Conor Murphy on Stormont Live yesterday were just as revealing about Sinn Fein’s attitude towards government in general as they were about the dispute surrounding the devolution of policing and justice.

When asked about a letter from the First Ministers about how the Minister would be appointed Murphy replied:
“We don’t consider the Good Friday Agreement as a settlement so therefore I can’t see how Sinn Fein would get into arrangements for all times. We have a different view of what the constitutional future of this island looks like and it’s not in this building”.

Where else in the world would a party dedicated to the destruction of the state be gifted a perpetual place in its government? What madness possessed Unionists who acquiesced in putting them there?

Murphy’s comments underline once again that the Belfast Agreement is not just morally wrong it is politically suicidal for Unionism.

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