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"Building our common future or building a United States of Europe?" asks Allister

06 August 2004

Democratic Unionist Party MEP Jim Allister has today claimed that the European Commission is working towards the creation of a United States of Europe. His claim comes as a recently published commission document entitled “Building Our Common Future” details the federalist agenda and budgetary requirements of the commission for the years 2007-2013. 


Speaking today, Jim Allister said, “This is a most revealing document. It unmasks the true purpose of the new EU Constitution and the comprehensive failure of the EU to meet its own economic targets.  It also details the ever increasing amount of taxpayer’s money that is being swallowed up by the failing EU institutions.


The document reveals that far from being a “tidying up exercise”, as the Prime Minister had previously claimed, the true aim of the constitution is to propel us irrevocably down the road of closer integration. A key sentence is found in the document, which states “the European Union MUST continue down the path of integration and avoid the trap of unwieldy intergovernmentalism. That is why we need the constitution.”


Behind the Brussels-speak and gobbledegook is the real agenda of this document. It is a blue-print for a further erosion of our national sovereignty and our democratic rights as a nation-state. The contents of this document also make it clear that the constitution is not in any way the end of the line as far as integration goes. It is merely the latest stage in the process of creating a federal one-size-fits-all system of government. This is in complete contradiction to the views of the British people expressed consistently in the opinion polls.


The plot to introduce a system of government centred upon Brussels is not a new one, but the publication of the constitution is the most significant and blatant step down the road of Brussels domination. It will be resisted by the British people and defeated in the referendum, whenever it comes”.



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